Who we are

Industrial Motion Art consists of a small group of people with different backgrounds and ideas. We pride ourselves on thriving our diverse insight, never losing sight of our collective goal – pushing the limits of what has thus far been considered possible of visual effects.


Openness, a sense for potential and most significantly audacity and a willingness to confront risks are all characteristics which shape the self conception of Industrial Motion Art and contribute to our uniqueness.

What we do

Visual Effects

Industrial Motion Art has been working as a Visual Effects Studio for more than ten years and as the idea of what is considered to be VFX keeps evolving, so does Industrial Motion Art. Therefor we are happy to support you and your ideas with our knowledge and skills.

Character Animation

In a nutshell, Character Animation is the art of breathing life into characters. As a key part of our diverse repertoire, Industrial Motion Art prides itself on having a lot of experience in this meticulous field. We have spent countless hours figuring out the best way how to let characters be cute, emotional and energetic. Character Animation requires a lot of attention to detail. It is therefore important for us to immerse ourselves in the world of our characters without loosing sight of the general project conditions.

Science Visualization

Science Visualization is an interdisciplinary field of science concerned with the visualization of scientific data. The specific nature of this domain contributes to the uniqueness of Industrial Motion Art given the fact that Science Visualization requires scientific knowledge combined with creative talent. Industrial Motion Art has successfully played an important role in several projects which have created a bridge between Art and Science. We regard it as one of our company’s missions to continuously extend our field of expertise and redefine the limits of visualizations and computer graphics.

New Media

Our expertise goes beyond the screen. We have made numerous experiences in the field of New Media, all of which have sharpened our belief that the possibilities for our skills are as diverse as the skills themselves: A projection of a stage setting for theater and opera productions, 360° dome production, games, and more. New Media may sound vague as a term. This nevertheless does not make us hesitant because we do not want to limit ourselves to standards which might soon be out of touch.

Previs & Supervising

Previsualization as well as Supervising focuses on the manufacturing and planning of all VFX and SFX Elements during pre-production. These are services provided by Industrial Motion Arts. Previsualization is a method to visualize complex scenes before starting to shoot. This gives the director and DOP the opportunity to experiment with different angles and staging options and consequently save many costs.

Concept | Storyboard

Concepts are the basis of our work and of your work – it’s the first visual representation of an idea. They give body, shape and form to what is in our head and what we wish to project on the big screen. As soon as we have an idea or someone approaches us with an idea the first tool we reach for is a concept. We aim to incorporate all the details and guidelines which are already available to us and at the same time give room to our imagination to create concepts which not only fulfill but also exceed expectations. Whatever the future path, an idea starts with a concept.


We thrive on organizing and running the on-set production process. Industrial Motion Art has produced and co-produced animated as well as life-action films and has over the years built a substantial network of filmmakers of all departments and skills. We manage the production process of fictional and corporate content from developing the first ideas all the way to post production and finalizing.

See the freeze frames in action!
Reinhold A. FragnerArt Director | Chief Executive | Supervisor
Mason DoranTechnical Director | Head of VFX | Executive
David MohrHead of Modeling | Animation | Motiongraphics


Reinhold Arthur Fragner

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Reinhold Arthur Fragner

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